42.7 million dollars face value of their bankruptcy claims. The executives in the suit are Kerry Killinger, the company's former chief executive; Stephen Rotella, its former pres.

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ill announce proposals to stimulate the economy. The new policies are expected to include payroll tax reduction extension and establishment of infrastructure bank. WASHINGTON, Ju.

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the cold as of Friday night." Early Wednesday, temperatures in the capital Buenos Aires registered 8.6 degrees Celsius. A minimum low of 3 degrees Celsius and a maximum high of 13.

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ne varying from 200 to 500 Canadian dollars. Chronic offenders risk losing their license to sell tobacco. When the smoking ban was passed in local bars in 2007, Couris said the big.

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(Xinhua) -- Tensions between Argentina and Britain have been escalating over Britain's oil drilling plan in the disputed oil-rich Malvinas (Falkland) Islands. The two countries w.

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eat performers, according to the study. The other five congested cities included Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and Seattle. The study projected that the economic recovery .

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f all, a woman who was extraordinarily lucky to be able to pursue her dreams in a country where anything is possible, our country." She said in the Parliament that she hopes they d.

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nderground for some 70 days. Before Urzua, no one ever in history has been trapped deep underground for so long and survived. The atmosphere at the scene exploded when Urzua walked.

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ion." The scene of the fire, which Hanania said was reported at about 6:30 a.m., was alternately frantic on Sunday -- with family members searching for information about missing lo.

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