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tes of Kansas, Alabama and Mississippi. RACE UNSETTLED Super Tuesday is traditionally a turning point in the campaign for the U.S. presidency. It carries great weight as it involves

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d halve the number of strategic missiles. Obama's administration is expected to face obstacles in working with a new Senate following recent elections. MOSCOW, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) --

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Zoe Salzman, who works with the center, told Xinhua in a recent interview that they want to use the film to highlight the use of racial profiling in the U.S. government. The film

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tability and help meet the aspirations of all of Bahrain's people." In Bahrain, thousands of protesters returned to Manama's Pearl Square on Sunday, the focal point of anti-regime

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ccording to Wall Street Journal, discussions are still early and "a deal isn't imminent." Twitch, one of the largest video sites, dwarfs YouTube when it comes to live-streaming and

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target federal funds rate below levels the Committee views as normal in the longer run," the statement said. Analysts anticipated that the Fed will raise the federal funds rate i

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their territories. Then there will be a lunch session with the heads of delegations that will focus on the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in the nuclear sec

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n, the president was visibly saddened and shed tears as she tried to console some of the relatives of the dead. Officials of Santa Maria, a city of Rio Grande do Sul state at the s

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can senator Alan Simpson. The commission recommended a massive spending cut plan to trim U.S. fiscal deficits by 4 trillion U.S. dollars over the next decade. But this plan failed

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tion of Congress, the BP statement said. Thirteen of the 14 criminal charges pertain to the accident itself and are based on the negligent misinterpretation of the negative pressur

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6 After-School Snacks the Kid Will Love

safety and security have succeeded in entering the country illegally," Michael Ferguson says in his report that looks at the Canadian government' s performance and spending. Audi

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