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vehicles was struck by a blast caused by an improvised explosive device in Khan Sheikhoun area, located near Syria's central province of Hama, Ahmad Fawzi, spokesman of the UN- A

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n Washington September 22, 2010. (Xinhua/Reuters) WASHINGTON, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Top U.S. security officials on Wednesday sounded alarm on home-grown terrorism, saying threats f

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at released colored smoke to draw Mexico's red, white and green national flag in the sky. A total of 19,051 soldiers took part in the parade along Mexico City's Paseo de la Reform

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hundreds of terrorists since Sept. 11 attack in 2001. "The system has repeatedly proven that it can successfully handle the threat that we continue to face," he said. Carney also s

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lish an agricultural research center in Panama to develop innovative products and to transfer knowledge and technology to Panama and other countries of the region. Embrapa, one of

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suggested an approach of "one step at a time" to ease travel restrictions to avoid possible threats. He agreed times were changing and the current Cuban immigrants were not the a

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2. Meanwhile, Japanese Foreign Minister Natanya Okada announced that his country will give 70 million U.S. dollars to Haiti for the reconstruction works after the earthquake on Jan